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State House Hearing - Budget for All Resolution

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 – State House

Rally 10am – State House Steps
Hearing 11am - room A2

With widespread support among voters across the state, the Massachusetts House and Senate will hold hearings on the Budget for All resolutions, S.1750 and H.3211. Make sure our State Legislature tells Congress to:

  • Prevent cuts to vital programs that help all of our families: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans benefits and housing, food and unemployment assistance.
  • Create and protect jobs in fields like manufacturing, education, transportation, and other public services.
  • End corporate tax breaks, loopholes and offshore tax havens, so that wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share!
  • Redirect Pentagon spending to meet human needs. The US war budget is greater than the military spending of the next 10 largest military powers combined. While over half of the country’s discretionary budget is being spent to prepare for war, millions of veterans and civilians are unable to get their basic needs met.

Sequestration has made this fight more important than ever.

Budget-cutters in Washington have slashed Meals on Wheels, Head Start, Housing, Education, Fuel Assistance, Unemployment, Health Programs, AIDS Housing, and Family Violence Prevention. Jobs are being threatened and lost, and the President wants to cut even more social programs.

See you at the State House July 10!

Join us to demand a
Budget for All!