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State Legislators to Congress: “Hear the voice of Massachusetts voters in your budget deliberations"

As Congress prepares to vote on “fiscal cliff” legislation, 7 Massachusetts State Senators and 18 State Representatives today appealed to the Massachusetts Congressional delegation, asking them to promote only budgetary policies that are consistent with a non-binding ballot question on the federal budget supported overwhelmingly by Massachusetts voters in November.

The legislators wrote:“Our voters have declared their preferences for a focus on investing in domestic jobs; prevention of cuts to Medicaid, housing, food assistance; improving taxes by simplifying the tax code and raising rates on large corporations and very high incomes; and re-directing spending away from Afghanistan, foreign military bases and nuclear weapons and toward our most important domestic priorities. This view is the view of our constituents in every corner of Massachusetts, and compels us to make it our mission.”

“This letter and the Budget for All express the values of Massachusetts' people, which are at risk in the fiscal cliff, so I hope they will be adopted,” commented State Sen. Pat Jehlen (D-Somerville).

State Representative Peter V. Kocot (D-Northampton) added, "I look forward to working with Congressman Jim McGovern and his progressive colleagues to make sure that any budget deal protects the elderly, our children and our communities.”

The public policy question, called the “Budget for All”, won easily in all 91 cities and towns where it was on the ballot – whether those towns voted for Elizabeth Warren or for Scott Brown, for President Obama or for Mitt Romney. It won by a 3 to 1 margin statewide.