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Budget for All - Budget Briefing and Action Planning

Sunday, January 27, 1-4pm
Haymarket People's Fund
42 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain
Green Street T

The Budget for All Coalition presents a briefing on the federal budget battles now underway.

The Budget Briefing will analyze the budget battle in Congress, our moment of opportunity, and the national strategy to save social programs and make Pentagon cuts. First, we’ll look at what’s in the Jan. 1 deal and what’s coming up to be addressed by Congress before the Mar. 1 deadline. We’ll review the programs that would be cut under “sequestration” vs. those that would be cut by the Republican, Administration, and progressive proposals. We will look at the impact of various budget scenarios on jobs and public programs in Massachusetts. We’ll examine the Pentagon budget and proposals to cut or increase it.

Then we'll do Action Planning so our elected officials honor the will of the people of Massachusetts in their votes on upcoming budget legislation, including significant decisions to be made in February.

As it becomes clearer that key programs will not avoid cuts, we expect the political outcry to grow during the money of February. Our job is to ensure that Pentagon cuts and taxes on corporations and the rich are continually presented as viable alternatives.

Presenters will include Mike Prokosch, national coordinator of the New Priorities Network, and member of Dorchester People for Peace and the Budget for All steering committee.