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Call Congress Dec. 12! Fix the Budget Deal

The climate of austerity in Washington continues its march of shame.

The across-the-board "sequester" cuts have hurt our families, our children, our seniors. Although the latest budget deal limits damage from the sequester for the next two years, it raises the out-of-control military budget, fails to extend unemployment insurance, cuts federal worker pensions, and does nothing to close corporate tax loopholes.

Congress can end the cuts by sharply reducing Pentagon spending while closing corporate tax loopholes and ending tax breaks for the wealthy. That way, our troops come home and everyone pays their fair share.

Take a stand for working families. Pledge now to call Congress tomorrow -- Thursday, Dec. 12th. Congressional Switchboard:(202) 224-3121

Some hugely profitable corporations -- like General Electric, Verizon and Wells Fargo -- pay nothing in taxes some years. And some corporations and wealthy people pay a lower tax rate than middle-class workers. All while the Pentagon wastes billions on expensive weapons systems that don't even work.

That's why many groups are calling Congress together on December 12th, in response to the proposal of the special budget committee, which does nothing about unfair taxes, and which raises the military budget.

We're going to jam our representatives' phone lines, so pledge to call Congress on Dec. 12th:

No more cuts to services we depend on.
Close corporate tax loopholes.
Reduce military spending.
Extend unemployment insurance!

Pledge now to call Congress tomorrow-- Thursday, Dec. 12th! Congressional Switchboard:(202) 224-3121