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The Budget for All referendum campaign needs donations to pay for printing and supplies. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. Please use the "Donate" link below to give online. Make checks out to Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund and mail to 11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138; please write "Budget for All" on the memo line.

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Script for Presentation at a Meeting

I’m here today to solicit your signature for a non-binding statewide referendum that more than 20 groups across Massachusetts are trying to put on the November ballot.

Let me read you the wording of this referendum (read from petition)

Many groups feel that there is a growing consensus among groups in our social movement around the message embodied in this referendum. And we feel that, given the chance to vote on it, most of the public – across the political spectrum – will support it.

The debate that will dominate Washington and the media during this election season will be all about imposing austerity on the country and maintaining a vast military machine around the world while pretty much ignoring the need to generate new revenues. After the election draconian budget cuts will take place. We feel that this referendum can be a tool for presenting a clear alternative – our alternative -- to this dominant debate and impacting that debate. It also provides a mechanism for bringing many different kinds of groups together on a common project and in the process constructing a collaboration that can continue after the election.

To get this referendum on the ballot we need the LEGIBLE signatures of 1200 registered voters in any state senate district where we want it on the ballot – tonight we are talking about pat jehlen’s senate district of Somerville, north Cambridge, Medford and parts of Winchester. I will pass this clipboard around with petitions for all 4 towns. Please sign your name on the petition from the town where you are registered, then print your name next to it, and in the next column print your street address. Do not add ward or precinct as they have changed a little.

If you want to help out on the campaign, please let me know.