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The Budget for All referendum campaign needs donations to pay for printing and supplies. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. Please use the "Donate" link below to give online. Make checks out to Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund and mail to 11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138; please write "Budget for All" on the memo line.

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Tell the Press in Your Town about the Budget for All

We are trying to get a news story or op ed into the local paper(s) and “patch” website in each community where our referendum will be on the ballot as well as any regional paper that covers that community.

Can you help?

Attached below is a model press release that you may or may not choose to draw on.

Here are 2 links that between them cover all Massachusetts newspapers (you need to check them both to get all the papers). So you can check which ones – local or regional, but not the Globe or Herald -- may cover your town (note that the town next to each paper seems to be where it’s published, not what town it covers).

So the idea would be to

  1. send a news story or op ed piece to the appropriate paper(s), headlined: "Town X voters to vote on non-binding referendum concerning Social Security, Taxes, Military Spending and Jobs" or something like that. Be sure to include the ballot question number that our referendum will have in each town.
  2. post this piece to your local “” website. Attached below is a listing of all Patches by town along with instructions on how to post you article to the appropriate Patch.
  3. if possible, integrate one or two quotes from local people who worked on the referendum or who will be affected by budget cuts or by war or by unemployment or housing problems. Possible quotes that need attribution are at the end of the attached press release, but you can probably come up with something better or more local.
  4. include a quote from a state rep or state senator or congressman who represents that city or town. See the list of elected officials who are supporting the referendum. You could call their office and ask for a quote if you think it’s a good idea.
  5. if you have a picture collecting signatures or tabling at an event or doing outreach work, send it along too. Attached is a picture of some of us at lobby day holding up petitions that we are about to turn in to the secretary of state for certification. But a local picture is better.

Attorney General Approves Hard Hitting Budget Referendum (press release, (August 30)

List of towns and districts which will have the Budget for All on the ballot November 6, and a map of the towns

List of sponsoring organizations

Elected officials who support the Referendum

Statewide press contact: Paul Shannon, American Friends Service Committee,, 617 623 5288